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York. 297.) Scientology: The Technology of Enlightenment. Thus, he wanted Interpol destroyed. A few of these may belong in the sectionconcerning therapeutical aspects.

If you've just gotten out of Scientology, the Moonies, or any other cult, read through this book several times to loosen the hold ofthe cultic identity on your mind.) Steve has a webpage up at: m/ Cult Encounter and An International Story of Exit Counselling. Cultic Studies Journal v9 (n2) pages163-189, 1992. In her rhetoric she often goes overboard; you realize that she hates those people and her judgment and style is often unjust andaggressive without being able to offer proof on a certain point. Simon Schuster, New York. Special Issue: Hypnosis and delayed recall:.

Korzybski, Count Alfred Habdank Skarbek. Most are published byScientology itself under cult publication operations like SAA, Bridge, or HCO, theHubbard Communications Office. RonHubbard, 5 pages covering Xemu and OT-3.) Bridge to Total Freedom, the. Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear, Cáceres, Spain. (Email me to loan a copy of the late.

"How Cults Bilk us All." Williams, Carson. Books on Brainwashing, Thought Reform and Mind Control Return to the Index These books deal with the little-understood phenomenon of mind control and related topics. (Hubbard bashfully admits he is a reincarnation of the Buddha, and writes a love-sonnet - to himself.) Introduction to Scientology Ethics. Tobias, Madeleine Landau, and Janja Lalich. For deep insight into the cult, go to Source; Hubbard revealed himself far too much in many of these books, and a critical reader will delight inslogging through endless turgid prose to find gems containing profound absurdities, racist remarks, ridiculous ideas, pseudo-scientific.

It notes the difference between Hubbard's war records as given by Scientology andstated according to the official military records. (How to grow achild: keep them in the dark and feed them BS, right? Arken Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark. Metropolitan Museum, New York, mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum,. Jaschke put to rest the rumor that Scientology was a religion bycollecting, organizing and presenting information, then publishing it as a report whichbecame freely available on the internet, but only in German. The show was two hours long and easily an hour and a half was spent begging for money. (Written in a clear, lucid and professional style by an English religious studiesscholar, journalist and broadcaster, Lamont's book is an excellent read and putsScientology into sharp contrast against legitimate religion. ".contains the main contribution to Dianetics that I have seen. Unpublished MS"d in Bent Corydon's _Messiah or Madman?_.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. A nice beginners replacement for Hubbard's "Science of Survival". (Used to teach the all-important salesmen of salvation, theScientology registrars or regges who sell raw meat wogs the 360,000 bridge to totalbankruptcy.) Book of the Law. True Believer, the: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements. I used to listen to him all the time, calling quite a bit when ever he would trot out the claim that he was a biology student and knew that evolution was crap (Bob, Bob. Later in the first chapter, Holmes writes "What is the mind? English translation: Tom Voltz - Scientology With(out) an End Meine Ehe mit einem Scientologen. (Takes a look at Baalism, Shivism, the Doukhobors, Voodooism, Father Divine, the Shakers, the Mormons, the Hutterites and others. Snapping: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change. Six part series, June.


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Scientology - Techniken aus der Perspektive eines Betroffenen. "HealthMed is a gateway to Scientology, and Steinman's book is a sortingmechanism says physician William Jarvis, who is head of the National Council AgainstHealth Fraud. (German critical bookthat contains a fairly long description of Incident 1 and 2, Xenu, etc. (In the first issue of The Skeptical Inquirer: the Zetetic.) "Preliminary Study of the Psychic Life of the Fetus and the Primary Germ." Sadger,. Observations on Dianetics." Wallis, Roy. 1981 Bromley and Shupe. Cameron Associates, New York. See also "Two Disparate Philosophies" by David Dalton.).

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The book barely mentions the cult, yet the motiveand support for the book came from Scientology. The worst is a part that deals with the role of two attorneys who haverepresented scientologists. Rowohlt Sachbuch 9341, Reinbeck. Pages 0-99 Report of the Commission of Enquiry into Scientology for 1972. Recommended reading.) Eric Townsend - The Sad Tale of Scientology Satanic Murders. Books on Therapy, Recovery, and Exit-Counselling Return to the Index These books deal with therapeutical aspects of treating cult victims.

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